Y'05 Virtual Reunion!

May 23, 3:00 PM GMT
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Y’05 Remote Reunion 2020 Schedule (All in New Haven Time i.e., EDT) 11AM - 11PM: Digital Commons MEETING LINK: A virtual space for us to have online side conversations and randomly connect with other Y’05ers throughout the day. Want to continue a breakout conversation after Dr. Brackett’s talk but setting up Zoom meetings irritates you? Just meet here! 11AM - 12PM: Strategies for Healthy Emotion Regulation During Uncertain Times with Dr. Marc Brackett, Co-Hosted with the Class of 2000 MEETING LINK (Requires Registration - Confirmation will read from the Class of 2000): Have you been riding a roller coaster of emotions lately? You aren’t alone. In this live webinar, Dr. Marc Brackett, director of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence and author of the bestselling book, Permission To Feel, will share strategies that can help make the ride a little smoother. Don’t miss this interactive session where you will learn research-based strategies to support your own, your students’, and your family’s well-being, healthy decision making, relationship quality, and performance during these challenging times. Questions can be submitted for Dr. Brackett when you register. 12PM - 3PM: Roommate Brunches We’re reserving this time for you to set up virtual gatherings with your suitemates and closest friends. This is self-organized so ping your peeps ASAP to iron out details. Schedule for 10 minutes or the full 3 hours, e-introduce your pets and spouses, wax nostalgic about dining hall waffle machines and share your screenshots to the Y’05 Facebook page or tag #yale05remote on Insta! 3:30PM - 5PM: Coping and Connecting MEETING LINK: Whether you have experienced loss, illness, career setbacks/uncertainty, relationship issues, infertility, or struggles related to being in the "sandwich generation," we have all faced challenges. We are cognizant of the full spectrum of circumstances and stresses people have experienced since our time at Yale and due Covid-19 and are sensitive to how this crisis has exacerbated differences and inequities. This is a chance to come together around our shared time at Yale and continued care for each other. It's a space for you to vent, console, share, listen--whatever feels right. This conversation will be led by our classmate Dr. Abigail Hawkins, a psychiatrist affiliated with NYU Medical Center. 5PM - 6PM: Residential College Happy Hours The smaller group size will let you see how weird everyone’s hair has gotten. Is it age, or is it COVID? The perfect excuse! Separate links will be sent and bring your beverage(s) of choice! 6:30PM – 8PM: Class Dinner MEETING LINK: In honor of New Haven pizza, we recommend you pop a pizza in the oven and then bring your slices to this full Y’05 session. In the works are acapella performances, guest cameos, memory breakouts and poll competitions among residential colleges . . . wipe the pizza sauce off your white napkin and be ready for Bright College Years! 8:30PM - 11PM: Class Dance Party MEETING LINK: We're throwing it ALL the way back! Put you and your family in favorite ‘80s costumes to kick off the party, before we segue into our favorite 2000's jamz, replete with apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur and red solo cups filled with Snapple and vodka. Feel free to pop in and out; our DJ will manage the Zoom spotlight and tunes.
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