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Fundraising Series for Black & LatinX founders: Session 1 - Should you raise venture capital?

August 7, 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM GMT
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NOTE: Please only register for this session if you are a Black or LatinX founder. Any questions on the event? Please email: [email protected]


Did you know that venture capital (VC) is right for less than 1% of startups? If you're looking to fundraise for your startup, do you know whether venture capital is right for you and what's required in order to successfully raise? Join us for a rich panel discussion on:

  • VC fund structure & incentives
  • Determining if VC is the right type of financing for your company
  • What alternatives exist to VC
  • When to fundraise
  • What VCs are looking for

Following our moderated panel discussion, we'll reserve time for you to ask your questions live.


Our Session 1 speakers are:

  • Bryce Roberts, Cofounder & Managing Director, OATV
  • Lolita Taub, Venture Partner, NextGen Venture Partners
  • Cheryl Campos, Director of Growth & Partnerships, Republic

Moderator: Stephen Wemple, Investor, Spero Ventures

Spero Ventures Upcoming Events

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