Conversation about Race and Inclusion in the Maker Movement: Dialogue and Actions for Progress

July 2, 11:00 PM - July 3, 1:00 AM GMT
Nation of Makers


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Nation of Makers is partnering with Fab Foundation, Tikkun Olam Makers, Open Source Medical Supplies, Citizen Schools, Maker Ed, and Make: Community, to begin the long overdue critical internal reflection and work that we need to engage in to address the lack of support and representation of makers of color within the mainstream maker community. We expect this work to be ongoing and continual, and also actionable, defining clear next steps and actions for individuals and organizations within the maker community.

We invite everyone in our communities (and those who have specifically chosen not to be, because of past failures on our part) to join us in this process of reinvention of the maker movement, starting with our facilitated Conversation about Race and Inclusion in the Maker Movement: Dialogue and Actions for Progress at 7pm ET/4pm PT on Thursday, July 2, 2020. We intend for this dialogue to be the starting point for open communication within our community about where we are at right now on issues of race and inclusion, and what actions we need to engage in to create an intentional inclusive maker community grounded in social justice and equity.

We hope that you will participate. We welcome all perspectives; please consider extending this invitation to another friend or colleague that could contribute to this conversation and share their perspective.

We know that every individual comes to a conversation with their own unique perspective. So that we are best able to gauge your individual perspective prior to the Conversation, we ask that you please consider filling out the following 5 min snapshot survey prior to attending the event. This activity is completely optional, and not required for participation. Please note: Aggregate data from this survey may be shared publicly. Individual records will not be shared:

Nation of Makers

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